Tuesday, August 14, 2012


 Sorry for slacking on my updates, but not a WHOLE lot has happened in the past month!

Matt and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary! We went to Lake Wedowee with a bunch of our friends to celebrate and ate the top of our cake.  It was really yummy!

At work I am really starting to get into the swing of things.  People are starting to request to see me (which is exciting), and I really love working.  It is hard at times, but for the most part it is very fun and rewarding.

We also had a joint open house with Natty and Hayden for the members of our Sunday School class at Connon UMC.  They came by for some food and to look around at our awesome home!  Here are some updated pictures of how the house is coming along:

Picture wall in the den above the sofa with the new clock

New wall decorations and new curtains in the den

Food for the Cannon members!  It was so fun making everything and looking for ideas on Pinterest!  We made: Sweedish meatballs, avocado stuffed pastries, a build your own fruit pizza station, rolo pretzel bites, oreo truffles, cucumber sandwiches, granola craisin cookies, and blueberry cucumber water and lemonade from scratch :)

Dining room table all set up!

screen porch furniture

more screen porch furniture
This week is the start of Saskia coming to stay with us for three weeks for her last externship!  It is going to be so great having her around.  Our mission for the next three weeks is to figure out the best pumpkin pie and pecan pie recipes for Thanksgiving!!!

Until next time!!

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  1. Oh Oh! I have the BEST pecan pie recipe!! Everyone who has it LOVES it and even those who think they don't like pecan pie LOVE this recipe. I've even hosted a few parties where people ask me to make the pie so they can eat it when they come. I am not boasting in myself, I am boasting in the recipe. It is passed down from a lady who's grandfather invented the first vending machine pecan pie. I used to work with her husband in Rome. I'll email you the recipe! It is seriously THE BEST!