Friday, April 20, 2012

The Final Countdown!

I'm beginning to get really excited about graduation! One more week left of my externship, then one week until graduation! May 5th cannot get here soon enough! I have been doing my externship at Eastside Animal Medical Center in Grayson. I love it! Everyone is so nice and they let me do everything... they even call me Dr. Verlander! The other day, I did a femoral head ostectomy! It was awesome!

Now that the board exam is over I have had time to run AND play some soccer! Running with my amazing sister-in-law through the neighborhood has been amazing. There is also a Grayson women's running club that I am joining. We have a 5K next weekend. Im pumped. Ive been playing soccer with Natalie on a co-ed team from people that she knows from work. It has been really fun! I just need to figure out how to keep my ankles from rolling :)

I have also had some free time to begin working on the house. Getting things put together, decorating, and picking out things that I would like to purchase to really make this house look nice.

After the board exam I decided to go to Bed Bath and Beyond and get some decor for the guest bedroom... 1) because we needed it, and 2) because when I am depressed, shopping makes me happy :) If you don't remember, this is what the guest bedroom looked like in the condo in Athens. We had it basically the same way here in Grayson:

And here is how it is decorated now!

I love it! Ready for anyone who wants to come visit! I also purchased the bedding for the other guest bedroom, we just don't have a bed in there yet. When that is set up, expect pictures!

This is about as far as we have gotten in the Master... The headboard I made (because we don't have one... yet). Thanks Pinterest! I took 6 pieces of canvas and covered them in fabric, decorated them, then just hot glued them together. Didn't take long at all and was REALLY inexpensive. I think it turned out nice. The rest of the master bedroom is still in boxes... eventually things will be put up!

This is the master bathroom. We originally had white bathmats, soap dispensers, etc. and it looked really good in Athens because the bathroom was blue. Because it didn't go as well with the new bathroom, we moved the white stuff to the guest bathroom and got new slate gray mats and brushed nickel accessories. Love how it looks now!

Here is the white in the guest bathroom. It also looks good and transitions nicely into the new guest bedroom (with the blue).

Im sure that after graduation there will be some very exciting new purchases and decorations to come, so keep an eye out!

Until next time!

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  1. Love the update and the pictures!!! I'm glad you have the guest bedroom ready for Shain and I to visit in June! It looks very comfy and we really look forward to seeing you and the house. :) Enjoy the next few weeks of fun!