Sunday, April 8, 2012

Beginnings of the House --> Home Transformation


As an attempt to avoid studying at all costs, I figured I would keep ya'll updated on what we have done around the house! After the 12th, there will be a lot more posts (with exciting before and after pics!) probably for the next year or so as we slowly change our new house into our dream home. Its a slow process, but with Michelle Verlander's help (Matt's sister, who HAPPENS to be an interior designer!!) it will be AMAZING!!

While I was gone in Mobile for 3 weeks, Matt (because he is awesome) completed some very big tasks around the house. First: Fence in the backyard...

BEFORE, no fence for us, just our neighbor's fence:

Next task, paint the kitchen... Before it was a dark red color:

Now, BLUE!!

Third, and I helped some with this one before I left and after I came back, we sanded, painted, and sealed the old DVD shelf that we had... Before it was black (in the corner):

Now it is white, and he removed the back on it so that the fireplace and various cords can be accessed :)

He also installed a cat door :) No pics of that though, sorry! haha.

Thats it for now! Get ready for some exciting new additions once I get some free time!
Until next time!!

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